Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find what I'm looking for?

Searching will only find exact matches in the catalogue, so if you don't find anything the first time, try searching for words with similar meanings.

If you are interested in a particular collection or archive, go to the Collections A-Z page. If you can’t see the material you’re looking for, or find only a collection level description, contact staff for help at

If you are interested in our book collections, these are catalogued on the main library catalogue, which is searchable here.

I've found an item of interest, how can I see more items in the same collection?

If you click on the Ref No, the Hierarchy Browser opens, and you can browse all the catalogue entries in that collection using the + and - buttons. To view a full catalogue entry, click on its title.

How can I sort my search results?

Search results are automatically sorted by Ref No. To sort by another field, click on the relevant column heading.

How do I access material from the collections?

Go to the Special Collections and Archives webpages for up-to-date access information:

Can I purchase copies?

See the Special Collections and Archives webpages for details:

Collections A-Z

A list of our main archive collections.